• It will light up millions of living rooms on televisions across the country on Sundays.

    Football is an insanely popular sport to watch. But some change their tune when asked to consider their child as a football player.

  • Derrick Gordon keeps a photo of him and his fraternal twin brother Darryl in his dorm room. In his locker at Diddle Arena sits another, similar picture of the two.

    It’s how the star freshman keeps his mind focused on his brother throughout the day.

  • SPARTA — As a ticket scalper made his way up Ky. 35 selling tickets to Saturday's Quaker State 400, a man shouted, "I'll buy those tickets if you can guarantee that I get to the race on time."

    The race wouldn’t start for five more hours, and the track was just 3 miles away, but the scalper was quick to reply: “I don’t know if I can.”

  • Once Andy Benes signed with the St. Louis Cardinals before the 1996 season, it was never his intention to leave.

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